Does life really have to be THIS challenging?

I woke up feeling so much pain and suffering today, not from me but just generally in our world at the moment. It brought me to wondering about what could be done and St Germain dropped in to share this. At the end the words “This is your first freedom” surprised me and I wondered if there were more. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

St Germain is an Ascended Master who has been assisting in the spiritual development of Humanity and this Earth since its creation. He has been here in body for many lifetimes also, which gives him powerful insights into our lives and struggles.

He is also one of the 12 who came forward and asked me to draw their energy pictures and share their teachings/ support for humanity. He has also been one of my main personal guides because of my strong desire for freedom, and that’s what he specialises in.

The First Freedom

By St Germain

You are SO LOVED, so cherished, respected and supported.

Please begin to let it in.

Start to believe you deserve.

Open up and begin to choose to be free, whole and happy. For as you choose it, so it is.

And whilst you understand this as a concept, you have yet to BELIEVE it for yourself right now. It is here, it is now, it is possible… IT IS happening and you are an integral part of this.

Today I ask you to CHOOSE to release suffering and pain as your motivator.

It is simply a choice; do not make it any harder than that. No special techniques or rituals. You don’t need to do it three times or invoke angels. No special music or lighting of candles.

Just a YES.

No buts, no if’s or any other reasons why not. No concerns of how, why when or any of those other ways you go about blocking your yeses.

Simply and even more simply, just choose it and leave it be.

That is the first freedom.

Your right to happiness.

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