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Expectations hold the power to change your life



As usual, I was wondering about stuff when this gem dropped in.

“Expectation is part of your creative process. You may not realise it, but it is actually a very big part of how you create your life.

Now I’m not just talking about those moments where you expect someone to be pleased when you give them a gift, or to turn up on time for a date. I’m talking about the subtler levels of expectation where you expect the sky to be there, kind of thing.

Between those two levels, there are many things you just expect to hear, see and experience. They’re  “JUST THERE” every day. It happens without much thought or effort, you just let that happen in the background.

I’m telling you that’s where the gold is. The power to change your life.

Maybe right in there, you expect to be poor, useless, unhappy, sick etc? Maybe on that level you expect change to be difficult?

Maybe you are stopping yourself with these subtle expectations on one hand, whilst working really hard to make changes in your life on the other?

We’re not telling you this to frighten you or complicate your life. It’s just something to be aware of and work with because you deserve to know how things work. We know they don’t teach this stuff at school.

You can use the old tools to identify and change the expectations or you can simply create new ones. You are after all a grand creator. Play a little, lighten up and let yourself imagine….


Doris will tell you how we worked with her in this area.”


Ok, my turn


First example they’re showing me was years ago when I felt really stuck in my marriage. I felt like I was living groundhog day, same old thing every day!  When I asked for inspiration, I was asked to buy a small statue (which I now know represents the new consciousness relationship). Whenever I felt “same old” I was to remember the statue.

Apparently, it changed my expectations at a subtle level and yes, things have and are changing for the better in ways I honestly never believed would happen. Not in my lifetime anyway.

They’re saying that’s because expectations reach further than beliefs into the future and start working there long before you can see it.

On a more immediate level, I was shown how I expect my husband to behave, respond etc. Not how he might behave, but to how I EXPECT him to respond. I was not giving him the freedom to be any different than yesterday, yet hoping that he would. So I had to pfft… open it up to nothingness. Just create vacant space and be in a kind of curious and receiving mode that offered him the space to be different if he chose.

So many little things are changing, for example, he cooked a full breakfast this morning which is so far outside what I might EVER have expected because he NEVER cooked. I mean never.

Think about it, whilst you’re verbally asking your kids (mum, friend, boss…) to do something, you’re also expecting them not to do it. You might also be expecting to feel frustrated, overworked, under-appreciated and that grand old daddy of tiresome emotions…. resentment.  No wonder you’re tired.


So observe yourself and your expectations and adjust as desired.


Much love



And your father in spirit,



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