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Who is in charge of YOU?


Every person has a reality (world) they live in.

That reality is based on and created by the “story” they tell themselves or believe from others.

There comes a stage in life where the story doesn’t fit anymore. You feel unhappy, sick or tired.

Then every one of us must learn how to re-write our personal stories in order to begin living our purpose and more importantly, our happiness.

It is indeed a “journey” of self discovery, of getting to know ourselves and developing an awesome relationship with ourselves. Creating a bond of strong love and trust with self is not something that we are taught or encouraged to do because most others also fail to realise just how their world is being created.

The current story we all believe is that we can never be enough; we are powerless and need to rely on others to help us. Things are in limited supply and we have to be special, beautiful or lucky to achieve fulfilment or happiness. That brings about fear, stress and instigates a never ending search outside ourselves for the life we want.

WE all need courage and encouragement in refining and re-telling our stories, to move away from those long standing, far reaching outside influences and become the author of our own lives. To tell the great new stories that ultimately becomes our reality.

You need to tell the biggest juiciest most far reaching story that feels great to you and keep upgrading as you see when even more incredible is available. As things get better, you’ll reach further and live bigger until you’re satisfied.

Imagine a world full of happy ‘satisfied with their lives’ people… Sounds like peace to me!

I have discovered this through necessity, coming from a home where a parent used force to over-write every part of my life and the only choices I had was when to breathe and even that stopped all too often as I held my breath in fear.

Through all the years of looking for my freedom, the study and self development, through different healing systems, discovering crystals, energy, art and then my guides, I came to a place where everything fell away and I saw clearly (after a little panic) that I was the creator. I was shown how that worked with a few funny experiences and I now use this understanding to be totally free (well, as much as I can at that point anyway). To have and make the choices for what I want in my life. I can say that I am telling the story of MY choice, through the life I am living now.

If you no longer want to follow the research, let doctors decide your lifespan or levels of wellbeing. If you’re ready to go beyond the guilt of trying to be a “good” person, partner, parent, son/daughter, sibling or colleague. If you’re over being told who to be and what to do… Then welcome.

Awareness is where it begins and new choices will show themselves to you as relevant.

You are good enough, you can do it and you will create the life you love if you choose to and find the courage to write your own story, no matter how different that may be from “the norm”. Because you’re ALREADY doing it; you just need the inspiration and courage to write outside the lines.

I share my ability as a creator and the access to all that is to bring you snippets of new stories and begin connecting you to you more and more until you get the hang of telling your own great story with every breath and thought.

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