You will change your life by starting with these 6 things.

No. 1:  Notice patterns, repeats and similarities in the world around you.

Notice your thoughts, emotions and the feelings in your body before, during and after occurrences. Ask yourself “what am I feeling around this?” Then keep sifting, asking “what’s under that?” You may feel a sensation or emotion when you get to IT. Join the dots. Think about it, feel into it.

When I discovered that my car was using brake pads excessively I wondered what that was about. I said to someone “it’s almost as if I had my foot permanently on the brake whilst driving” and that was an aha moment when I took it across to my life because I was unsure if I wanted to go or stop. I opted to GO and the brake pads lasted me for a few years after that. I joined the dots. You can do that too.

No. 2:  Ask yourself sensible open questions starting with “I wonder…”

For example, I wonder…

What I/this situation need right now?

What this is showing me?

What might I learn from this?

Just trust and do not chase the answer, let it come to you.

No. 3:  Own your thoughts and words.

Use I statements. It puts you in a position of power. Owning your thoughts, words and feelings reduces confrontation and blame. You will find that communication becomes clearer and more accurate. Saying I will bring awareness to your power and choice in situations. For example “you make me mad when you say those things!” as opposed to “ When I hear those things, I feel disregarded” It takes practice but what I find is that with you statements the other person tends to get defensive which deflects from the original subject and you may find yourself justifying yourself. By using I statements you own your experience which cannot be argued with and the conversation is more likely to stay on track and in the direction you desire.

No. 4:  Intention is the most powerful tool you possess.

Stop and notice your intention before you take action, start a conversation etc. Rather than picking up the phone to ‘sort this out’ you may be more specific. For example before even picking up the phone I decided I wanted to be compensated for my wasted time and pay the lesser web price for some items I was buying. It worked… I was offered 10% discount off the web price on my order ‘for your trouble’. I was clear on what I wanted, my best outcome. I set an intention and you too will be surprised at how powerful this is.

No. 5:  Two powerful words

When you’re working with energy are “I choose….” For when you’re filling a specific desire or need. And for when you have a question, rather than saying I don’t know (something) using the words “I wonder….” Opens things energetically for insights and answers to drop in. Feel the difference and observe the results.

No. 6: Finally…. ALLOW!

Allow yourself to have wonderful abundant joyous things and experiences. Allow time for things to become clear, improve or manifest. Allow things and people into your life.

You are a divine, energy being who has returned to Earth in this human body to expand through experiential ways. You wrote the script for this play and, just in case you forgot your part or botched your lines, you left clues and set up awesome guidance from behind that curtain.

All of life is here to support you and is constantly meeting your every desire.

Your role is to remember your character and get those bloody lines right!

Ok, I’m joking. Your role is really to find joy in all you do and everything follows from there. I hope one or some of these tips will serve you on your way to greater freedom and joyous experiences.


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