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Maiden sun and my chat with the moon

Shifting out of duality and bringing balance to masculine & feminine.

I drew this picture about 10 years ago and when I tuned in and asked what it represented I was told it was ‘the maiden sun’.

The story goes; our sun has always carried a masculine or yang energy, with the Earth changes it was becoming a more balanced, neutral or combined energy which would also include the feminine/yin. The picture both represented the beginnings of that change, hence the maiden or young feminine. It also created an anchor or acceptance for these energetic changes… kind of “YES!” to them.

January 2017 I walked outside to be greeted by a huge orange moon. It struck me that it almost looked like the sun with its size and orange glow. It seemed to want to chat, so I invited it to speak. It shared that indeed, my observation of its ‘sun like’ appearance was no mistake. It was changing to carry more of the strength and attributes of the masculine or yang energies.

The moon said we were in a crucial area of change that was reflected both in our inner and outer world. The way was being cleared for true balance or equality between and within the masculine and feminine for the first time and this was also a big part of our eventual freedom from the limitations of duality..

Over the next few weeks I was shown how the preparations had been underway for some time. Our gradual acceptance of the different expressions of gender and sexual orientation has been part of it. Particularly Michael Jackson was given as an example. He was just never understood because we fear what we don’t understand, he was eventually cast out. He was also loved by millions of people and his death opened our hearts. He opened a great freedom of sorts for this uniting of what has been seen as opposing forces. Just like Michael who was both loved and feared, the relationship between men and women plays out between variations of these ‘opposites’.

I must say that I was shown all of this in a flash and I am using my memory and my words to describe it, which kind of feels inadequate when I read it now. It was beautiful, respectful and a loving reminder that despite what is still playing out in our 3D world, there is much more going on in the spiritual realms. We have limitless support with the reunion of what we have split into polar opposites over time. The masculine and feminine energies are balancing and blending, reuniting for peace.

What does this mean for you? If you understand it and can work with it, you will find harmony and freedom in all areas of your life and most importantly, peace within. Decision making will become easier, the typical assigned gender roles will continue to change. These changes come much more easily for the younger generations who have had less time in them and have rejected them as limiting for various reasons already.

In older folk and those who have very strong beliefs in this area, the changes may cause challenges. I have noticed many ‘traditional’ ways are causing dissatisfaction within families. My family of origin no longer gathers for Christmas, for example.

Also notice the larger numbers of ‘house husbands’ our electrician does the school run and stays home with the kids two days per week whilst his wife works in a highly paid corporate role.

Acceptance, respect and awareness are the key to a speedy and gentle transition. Notice the way you think, speak and act. Your expectations matter. The sigh or eye roll at a partner. Dropping resistance whenever you notice it. Giving others time and space to express themselves. Put away the old jokes, open yourself to new ways.

This has all played out in very interesting ways at our house. Hubby of 30+ years of marriage chose to retire. The time we spend together now (I work a lot from home) offered golden opportunities to either clash or learn and change.

I’ve been blessed with wonderful guidance through this time, being shown gentler ways and many subtle ways I had used to protect myself, make myself right and defend myself and my beliefs. I was offered new ways forward. I think may work for you too and make your life easier.

I love him and want him in my life but also realised I was protecting myself, feared being controlled and limited, so kept him at a distance. So we dance around in a kind of “maybe” limbo, never reaching our greatest passion and connection that I know we both desire. I know I’m not alone in this, I hear versions of it from clients and friends alike.

There is a lot more to be said and done before the changes are done. I will follow up with some of the things I changed and maybe an energy activation or meditation or channel to shift some of the old patterns that may still be in your way around this.

For now, be aware, notice when something doesn’t feel right and ask yourself “what am I afraid of?” Then open your heart to yourself and know there is only more bliss coming our way, if you’ll let it.

Freedom is the ultimate goal.


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