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Healing comes in unexpected ways

One summer I seemed to have a lot of interactions with cockroaches. You know those big ones that fly?

Well one night I was awake at my usual 3am and had been using that time to sit in the beautiful stillness of the early morning. I found many insights and healings came through, including messages from my guides.

I had been asking for less mind chatter and for clearer thinking. Well that morning I received a beautiful healing in the most unusual way.

I came into the lounge room and my guides said “sit there” indicating one of the lounges. I immediately thought of the French doors behind that lounge and how the big cockroaches squeezed under them regularly. That lounge meant having my back to that and I felt a wee bit uncomfortable going into stillness wondering when a cockroach might come waltzing over my shoulder! They insisted, laughing at me as usual and so I sat. I figured I was probably just being silly.

Well I got MUCH more than one regular cockroach that night!

After sitting for a while, I sensed a “being” standing behind me as I sat. (Imagine a person standing there with their hands around my head area) A closer look showed a cockroach on its back legs behind the lounge I was sitting on, working on me with its head over the top of mine, energetically making adjustments and “re-wiring” my brain. Its little feelers were waving about as it dipped into my head.

What a shock! I knew it was only energy, an energy being but it took a LOT for me to stay there, I can assure you. If my guides hadn’t specifically asked me to sit there, I would have run. I had to keep letting go of the fears and uncertainties because this was waaay out of my normal experiences and certainly my comfort zone.

It seemed to take only about 10 minutes but I had no time reference. I made a cup of tea afterwards, before going back to sleep.

I did ask a few days later why they’d sent a cockroach and was told “it was your manifestation of a desire which came to you through whatever filter that was ‘up’ for you at the time. If it had been Angels, you would have manifested an Angel working on you”

Ok, I got it, I’d been thinking about cockroaches over the last few weeks and especially that night. So that was the way my thought process co-created with my desire to bring about those changes.

It is like when I bought an orange car, I’d NEVER seen one like it before and afterwards, I saw them everywhere!

If you haven’t already noticed, this was the way my guides teach me…through offering me experiences and then answering questions relating to those experiences. And just in everyday life which makes it very specific, relevant and useful to me. Awareness is my first teacher.

So what is this story about?

  • You create your own experiences
  • Everything you desire comes to you
  • There is really nothing to fear, only choices to be made.
  • Everything/one is here to help you, despite your beliefs of good & bad.
  • And that weird stuff happens to all of us sometime.

PS: I can’t say I’m any happier to see a cockroach than I was before, and YES, It worked. My mind was calmer afterwards.

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