Hi, I’m Doris…

I am a Visionary Intuitive who taps into the greater consciousness for gentle loving guidance. My goal is to introduce love, trust and acceptance wherever there is fear, doubt and uncertainty. I have refined my way of doing this through various healing modalities until I have arrived at the simplest and gentlest way possible to create awareness and change that leads to freedom, love and bliss.

My big focus in life has always been FREEDOM. In my youth I was running away from my life and saw freedom as the doorway. As an adult, I saw freedom as the right and ability to choose; to step outside the commonly held beliefs and rules and choose my own way.

After 20 solid years of personal growth I have an even bigger picture of freedom, that of collaboration and unity. It’s not just about me anymore. It’s time to really unite, to recognise the whole within myself to let myself accept and allow unity across all relationships. It’s time to become one with the greater, the all that is; for when I do that I become complete and a vital part of existence and expansion.

So what I “do”?  Well my role here on Earth is to continue to see the big picture, the vision of where on Earth we’re going. To assist you, at whatever place and whatever way you need right now, to live your freedom. When you’re doing that, you’re also living your purpose.

I receive energy and information through my soul connection to “all that is” to enable expansion and growth. I anchor that energy to Earth and share it with those who choose to also be free, in the highest vibration or place they can possibly be.

I share that energy and awareness through art, meditations, energy activations, intention and the telling of stories. I have a strong group of personal spirit guides and teachers as well as the group of 12 who approached me in 2006 to draw their energy and begin sharing their loving teachings for our collective growth. (see picture)

With great respect for wherever you’re at in this. I don’t believe in hierarchy and there is no “finish line”. We all have our part in this in our own way. I offer you all I have, to begin where you feel comfortable and choose for yourself. After all, no one knows you better than YOU.

The sharing, shifting of energy is a simple and easy thing to do. To maintain it and utilise it though, you must also understand it. So this website is designed for you to receive both. To just go with what feels right, allow it and trust.

I make this available freely as I receive, both here and during various appearances and talks.

Should you prefer some individual attention or assistance, I do offer personal sessions. Just ask and we’ll have a chat to see works for you.

For now… happy exploring





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